Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Two Novels and the Library Director Rambles On


Almost Midnight by Paul Doiron. How do you pronounce that name?  Doiron lives in Maine and is a "Registered Maine Guide". I recall reading a few years ago how that certification was being reconsidered. That the application would do away with several requirements and allow people to apply and be approved by mail. The concern was that being a Registered Maine Guide is a big deal. The title means the person is experience and knowledgeable. I have such a difficult time correctly spelling knowledgeable.

Sophia, Princess Among the Beasts by James Patterson Literary Industries and Emily Raymond. Raymond lives in Portland and did a couple other books with Patterson. That's about all the dustcover says about her. Here, let me look her up on the Computer Box... well, no author page comes up. Or Twitter. Or Facebook. Raymong Feist is on Facebook though. We only have one of his novels here.

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