Friday, July 06, 2007

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The Ever-Running Man by Marcia Muller. Sharon McCone is hired by her husband's security firm to track down a bomber attacking their offices. Narrowly avoiding a bombing herself Sharon has to delve into the security company's, and her husband's, past corruption.

Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Betrayal by Eric Van Lustbader. Jason Bourne goes looking his only friend, Martin Lindros, who disappeared investigating terrorists in Africa. Bourne decides to dismantle the terrorist organization himself as they try to collect material and technology for a nuclear bomb.

Non Fiction

101 Best U.S. Wedding Destinations: top destinations for every style and budget by Kathryn Gabriel Loving. Let's see...Florida, New Mexico, Hawaii, Wisconsin, New Jersey. New Jersey!? New Jersey and not New Hampshire? Wait, maybe it was Vermont I got married in. Oh well, same thing.

Critical Perspectives on World Climate edited by Katy Human. Essays and articles are grouped into four categories: 1. The (Pre)History of Climate Change, 2. Role of Vegetation and Methane in Climate Change, 3. Present and Near-Future Effects of Global Warming, 4. Ongoing Debate over Climate Change

World Energy Crisis by Stuart A. Kallen. From the Compact Research series.

Primary Source Accounts of World War I edited by Glenn Scherer and Marty Fletcher.

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