Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Photo Filled NonFiction Stack from Ruth the Page


Affordable Home Design: innovations and renovations by Martha Torres. I believe I mentioned once before that my kitchen is was not yet painted. It still isn't. This has some neat modern designs that Boy #1 at home would be impressed by.

Basement Ideas That Work: creative design solutions for your home by Peter Jeswald. Lots more neat photos.
I'll adjust the title by adding this subtitle: (unless you have a 120 year old house with weeping foundation walls and a 6' 2" ceiling height).

Drywall: professional techniques for great results, 3rd Edition by Myron R. Ferguson. The instructive illustrations are great. Covers tools, materials, hanging walls and ceilings, taping, sanding, angles, curves, arches, stress cracks, water damage and stains, sound control.

Pilates On the Ball: training core stability for a healthy body and mind by Gemma Wright. We have some other exercise ball book that does well so I got this one too.

Exercise Ball: fun, safe, and effective workouts with your Swiss Ball by Sara Rose. Same as above. I'll withhold comments about the illustrations. Ask me in person if you want my comments.

Speedweeks: 10 days at Daytona text by Sandra McKee. Photo book with ten days of racing for the Busch Series, Craftsman Truck Series, qualifying and exhibitions.

San Francisco: city by the bay, 3rd edition photographs by Morton Beebe. Some donation.

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