Friday, August 15, 2008

Never Ending Stream of Large Print Because Rachel the Page Has Not Yet Learned CD and DVD Processing

Large Print

Silent Thunder by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen. Another one of those parent-sibling novels. According to the back cover Roy has an Edgar Award so I suppose he is no slouch.
Marine architect Hannah is supposed to help prepare an old Russian nuclear sub for museum exhibition in the U.S. Her assisting brother is killed after finding a strange message on the back of an electronic panel.

Ancient Highway by Brent Lott. Three generations of family in Los Angeles. The Texan who left home in the '20s for Hollywood. His young daughter in the '40s. The grandson in 1980.

Moon Shell Beach by Nancy Thayer. This is a chick book. Here is the evidence: 1) girls who grew up together on the beach. 2) a fractured childhood friendship. 3) acrimonious divorce sending a woman back home. 4) difficult forgiveness by one gal. 5) "powerful and deeply moving novel". 6) "evolution of a lifelong friendship, the power of forgiveness, and the reward of believing in miracles".

Foreign Body by Robin Cook. According to the cover illustration someone has a clamp left in their body. According to the back a med student's grandmother dies after a surgery in India and the med student investigates.

Sweet Love by Sarah Strohmeyer. "Brilliant Boston TV reporter Julie Mueller is struggling to raise a teenage daughter alone. She's given up on happiness - that is until she receives the gift of culinary classes for Mother's Day...buring desire for fellow student...[who] happens to the the love she let slip away."
How about a stupid, vapid TV reporter? Let's aim for some realism next time, Strohmeyer.

Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner. This cover illustration says something about creepy bugs in a jar. The back says "FBI agent...pregnant hooker...horrifying...dead hookers...young agent...pregnant...lunatic who uses spiders...mother sister...victims of a serial killer...perfect murder...lethal web...psychopath."

Ten-Year Nap by Meg Wolitzer. Gal who quit high falutin' job to stay with kids hits 40 and worries she made wrong decision and discusses with her three pals.

Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton. Five young gals meet every Wednesday at a Palo Alto park in the late 1960's to share books. They form a writer's circle and experience the upheaval of the '60s and '70s.
In 1999 I went out to the Bay Area for a family get together. We used a rented Oldsmobile to go to Napa and that car's driver seat gave me a wicked awful back-ache. I also got sick with an inner ear infection that blossomed during the trip. The return flight to Kansas was atrocious. I think the Waitresses in the Sky were afraid to come near me I was so ill. I saw a doctor in Wichita and the prescribed antibiotics zapped the infection but it took me a month to fully recover.

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