Friday, February 06, 2009

Neat Things: Bruce Campbell and Bernard Cornwell


My Name is Bruce starring Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi. Guan-di, Chinese protector of the dead, is awakened in the mining town of Gold Lick. Deadbeat actor Bruce Campbell (played by Bruce Campbell) is recruited to save the town.


Agincourt by Bernard Cornwell. Fictional tale of the battle of Agincourt by Cornwell. Cornwell writes great action novels. Cornwell also loves to write about the English killing Frenchmen; so, Agincourt is a natural topic for him.


Guerrilla Daughter by Virginia Hansen Holmes. Virginia was just shy of her seventh birthday when Pearl Harbor was bombed. From the Spring of 1942 to September '45 she and her family lived on the run on Mindanao Island in the Philippines as her father and teenaged brothers fought the ruthless and murderous Japanese Army.

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