Monday, March 30, 2009

Twelve Novels


Laura Rider's Masterpiece by Jane Hamilton. Comedic novel with Laura and Charlie Rider of Hartley, WI leading a platonic marriage. When local radio gal Jenna starts emailing with Charlie, Laura decides to try out her writing skills by emailing as Charlie.

Lavender Morning by Jude Deveraux. Jocelyn Minton inherits a house and all possessions of her good friend Miss Edi. The house is in a Virginia town Jocelyn never heard of, and the mystery of Miss Edi's past dates back to 1941.

Still Life by Joy Fielding. Casey is a successful and happily married business woman. When a car wreck leaves Casey broken and comatose she is still able to hear everything in her hospital room. As she listens Casey finds her friends may not really be friends, and the car wreck may not have been an accident.

Alexander Cipher by Will Adams. Daniel Knox is at an archaeological dig in Alexandria, Egypt. When a catacombs are unearthed Daniel goes inside to investigate the possibility that it may be the tomb of Alexander the Great. Such a find would make Daniel famous, or whoever can shunt Daniel aside.

The Secret by Beverly Lewis. First in a new series by Lewis.

Serendipity by Louise Shaffer. Carrie Manning is thirty-seven and aimless. Her mother, who she never really knew, just died and Carrie starts to investigate into her famous theater family's history.


Whisper in the Dark by Robert Gregory Browne. "Naked. Incoherent. Covered with blood. That's how detective Frank Blackburne finds her - a beautiful Jane Doe brandishing a pair of scissors near the scene of a brutal murder. Is she the perpetrator? Or is she the only eyewitness to the handiwork of Vincent Van Gogh, a twisted serial killer with an 'artistic' bent?"

Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun by Victoria Laurie. "M.J. agrees to use her paranormal abilities on a new TV show called Haunted Possessions." When a knife on the show turns into lets a demon into the world M.J. and her ghost hunter friends get to work.

Small Crimes by Dave Zeltserman. Former cop Joe Denton gets out of prison early and heads home where the local district attorney bears the facial scars that put Denton in prison. No one wants Denton back.

Dare to Die by Carolyn Hart.


So Enchanting by Connie Brockway. Paperback romance with: lovely young lady, London society, Lord Greyson, fraud, Scottish Highlands, young witch, set fire to a passion, thrown together by danger and desire.

Large Print

Pursuit by Karen Robards.

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