Thursday, April 02, 2009

Four DVDs I Could Care Less About But Will Check-Out Like Crazy


Marley and Me starring Kathleen Turner, Broken-Nose Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. Guy and wife in Florida get dog that misbehaves.
My dog misbehaves all the time but I don't see anyone making a movie out of it. Maybe no one wants to see a hairy beast eating used tissues out of the garbage.

Twilight starring [teen hearthrobs]. Teenage girl Bella moves to small town Washington and "meets mysterious and handsome Edward" who is a vampire and has to battle his taste for blood to not eat her.
The way I understand it is like this: Vampire guy is hundreds of years old. Girl is about 16 years-old. Doesn't that make this the most extreme case of pedophilism ever? That is incredibly disturbing.

Seven Pounds starring Will Smith. Conscience laden Ben sees has a mysterious connection to seven different people.

Columbus Day starring Val Kilmer, Marg Helgenberger, Handy Manny. Thief is trying to unload merchandise and connect with ex-wife and daughter.

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