Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Neat Idea and then, "What the heck!?"

Neat Idea

Our colleagues down in New Zealand put on a fashion show and posted event photos on their Flickr page. They had a local vintage clothing shop dress the staff.

Geek/Chic Fashion Show

Geek/Chic Fashion Show

Geek/Chic Fashion Show

What the heck!?

Geek/Chic Fashion Show


That poor man. Now his shame is saved forever.

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dunedin said...

Great idea isn't it. Every year Dunedin has a big fashion week and this year the library decided to join in. The runway was on our Ground(First) floor. No I was not in the show but I am in the last photo oggling the guy in the bathing suit - the woman with the grey hair (no the 2 guys are not library staff but flat with one of the staff). It was good fun and the public just loved it.