Friday, August 23, 2013

Chad Lewis and Haunted Real Estate


Author and researcher Chad Lewis will speak at the library on September 26th at 7 PM on Haunted Places in Wisconsin.


SmartEssentials for Selling Your Home: how to get the highest price in the shortest time by Deborah Rhoney.  "Concise, cuts to the chase, eliminates filler...learn everything that's essential for selling smart."

Most Gruesome Hauntings of the Midwest by Chad Lewis.  P. 86 says, "A werewolf looking creature prowls the area surrounding the bridge."

Wisconsin Road Guide to Gangster Hot Spots by Chad Lewis.  Wasn't one of AL Capone's former properties up for sale a few years ago and did not sell?Page 90 says, " L.C. Rowan, the assistant cashier, instead of lying down with the rest of the hostages, bravely darted off down the basement stairs and stomped hard on the alarm button."

Wisconsin Road Guide to Mysterious Creatures by Chad Lewis.  No chupacabras but there is Phantom Chickens of Chicken Alley.

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