Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Death Dairyland Death Deer on Our Shoulder


The Private Life of Deer by PBS Nature.  With over 30 million deer in the United States, "how well do we know our neighbors from the natural world?  Not very well as it turns out."

The A-Team: Season Four starring Black Van With Red Stripe.


Dead Man: Volume 5: Death Match, Black Death, Killing Floor by Christa Faust, Aric Davis, David Tully.  Three novellas in the continuing series featuring brought-back-to-life wanderer who fights evil.  Fun stuff.

Audiobooks on CD

Creating Dairyland by Edward Janus.  How caring for cows saved our soil, created our landscape, brought prosperity to our stte, and still shapes our way of life in Wisconsin.


Angels On Our Shoulders: World War II B-29 Superfortress by Edward F. Heiberger.  The Commemoratiev Air Force was in Madison recently.  We went to see some planes but had to stand in line about one hour to do a walkthrough of a B-24.  The B-29 came in to land as we were waiting.  Max Hastings's book Retribution: the Battle for Japan, 1944-1945 said the B-29s had all sorts of trouble because the plane was rushed into service.

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