Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gluten Free Brain Injury


Gluten-Free Bread: more than 100 artisan loaves for a healthier life by Ellen Brown.  I'm still not sure what a gluten is but some people consider it very important so I bought a couple glutenous books.

Coping With Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury by Diana Roberts Stoler, Ed.D. and Barbara Albers Hill.  I know a 3rd grader who was playing at recess when he and another kid collided.  3rd Grader kid was knocked unconscious and was vomiting after his injury.  His parents had to watch him closely for a couple days.

Unintimidated by Scott Walker with Marc Thiessen.  Oh, do we want that argument again?  Both sides will be letting the insults fly.

What's So Funny? by Tim Conwaywith Jane Scovel.  Why did I buy this?  Because Conway is a freaking genius.  Harvey Korman was also a freaking geniusand is also in here.

50 Fantastic Things to Do With Babies by Sally and Phil Featherstone.  #51: get them to nap.

Little Sweets and Bakes: easy-to-make cupcakes, cake pops, whoopie pies, macarons, and decorated cookies by Daniela Klein.  Make all the whoopie pies you want but I won't eat them, they are gross.


A Christmas Hope by Anne Perry.  Christmas murder, you mean.

Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich.  Page 141 says, "My father looked over at Gordon."

The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom.  Why would heaven place a phone call? Couldn't heaven send a note on the back of a silver unicorn sliding down a golden rainbow?  A phone call seems banal.  If you do not answer will heaven leave a message? What is the call back number?

Tatiana by Martin Cruz Smith.  I thought Smith died.  I was confusing him with Stuart M. Kaminsky who also did a Russian detective series.  I really enjoy these Arkady Renko novels but I might be a couple behind.

Dust by Patricia Cornwell.  I don't care.

Stella Bain by Anita Shreve.  Woman awakens in WWI field hospital with memory loss.

King and Maxwell by David Baldacci.  Private detectives detect dangerous doings.

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