Saturday, November 23, 2013

NonFic: Money and Travel


The $1,000 Challenge by Brian J. O'Connor.  Trying to cut living expenses by $1,00 a month "without sacrificing anything truly important?...O'Connor tackles the frustrations and fears of controlling your own financial fate."

13 Things Rich People Won't Tell You by Jennifer Merritt with Roe D'Angelo.  Numerous tips to save money or cut costs.

Fordor's Walt Disney World, 2014 edited by Arabella Bowen.  Victor Gischler says, "Book, I don't need no stinking book.  I'm there all the time."

Fodor's Las Vegas, 2014 edited by Amanda D'Acierno.  Greard Saylor says,"I've been there three times but never had any money to spend on the fancy stuff."

Fodor's Florida, 2014 edited by Amanda D'Acierno. Gerard Saylor says, "I've never been to Florida.  The closest I've been is Myrtle Beach, SC.

Walt Disney World with Kids, 2014 by Kim Wright Wiley and Leigh C.W. Jenkins.

Band of Angels: the forgotten world of early Christian women by Kate Cooper.  Inspiring history... vivid picture... lived almost invisibly... painstaking... influential... understanding... rapid.... unlike... sharing... more.  EDIT: Cooper sent me an email with a link to interviews

Floating City: a rogue sociologist lost and found in New York's underground economy by Sudhir Venkatesh.  More of the economy of crime by Venkatesh.

Creamy and Crunchy: an informal history of peanut butter, the all-American food by Jon Krampner.  In 1914 twenty-one brands of Peanut Butter were sold in Kansas.

Wilson by A. Scott Berg.  Woodrow Wilson spent six months in Europe after the War.  The White House Rose Garden was planted by his wife. 

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