Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Lansdale? Another Abbott? An Oates?

Made Up Stories

Dangerous Women edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. Stories by Joe R. Lansdale, Megan Abbott, Lawrence Block, other people I have never read.  Because we don't already have shelf fulls of those first three.

Perfect by Rachel Joyce.  This cover reminds me of The Bell Jar.  Not sure what the story is about.  Something about a 11-year-old suddenly seeing adult realities. Or something. Joyce is English.

The Dead and Their Vaulted Arches by Alan Bradley.  This title reminds me of one of Lee Goldberg's Monk novels that is partially set in the Parisian catacombs.  I was reading one of the 39 Clues novels aloud to Boy #2 and they went into the catacombs as well.  I've never been to Paris but was in the Frankfurt airport for a couple hours.  Yeah, I know it is a different country.

Carthage by Joyce Carol Oates.  Is Oates so experience and skilled she barely even revises anymore? She writes so much I wonder if all that experience has things falling right together.  Or, when she does end up in stuck she can quickly surmount the problem.  I've been intending to read her book on boxing.

Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan.  Another historical novel by Horan who hit it big with Loving Frank.  This has Robert Louis Stevenson as a main character.  I listened to Kidnapped a few years ago.  That is a good tale.

Worthy Brown's Daughter by Phillip Margolin.  I don't think I've read any of this guy's novels.  None of the titles are familiar.  Margolin's glasses frames do not surround his lenses.

Large Print

Prince of Risk by Christopher Reich.  I just read a blog post today by someone attended a book talk by Reich and did not enjoy the talk at all.

Bellman and Black by Diane Setterfield.  I think this is kinda sci-fi/fantasy/horror.  Or, maybe not.

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