Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Charles Manson Had A Son?


Manson: the life and times of Charles Manson by Jeff Guinn.  Yep, Charles Manson, Jr. committed suicide in 1993.  "Even though he called himself Charles White, taking the last name of his mother's second husband, Charles Jr. was well aware of his real father's identity.  It apparently troubled him greatly."

Parenting Your Powerful Child: bringing an end to the everyday battles by Dr. Kevin Leman.  Page 181 says, "Conner was ecstatic."

Real Estate Handbook, eighth edition by Jakc P. Friedman, PhD. MAI, CPA, CRE, ASA, et al.  "COvers virtually every aspect of buying and selling, understanding mortgages, analyzing real estate investment opportunities" and so on.

Annie Bell's Baking Bible by Annie Bell.  Page 87 has a photo of coffee.  I'm out of coffee.  I should make a coffee run.

Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir: the essential reference guide by John Grant.  This is a really neat book.  724 pages of film descriptions ending with Zyzzyx Rd from 2005. 

Splash Retrospective: 20 years of contemporary watercolor excellence edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf.  Neat collection of watercolors.  Very neat.

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