Friday, January 17, 2014

One, Two, One, Five

Audiobook on CD

Death of Santini by Pat Conroy.  Conroy writes about his father being a major jerk and then coming coming to a "rapprochement."


A Darker Shade of Sweden edited and translated by Joan-Henri Holmberg.  Swedish short stories.

Bird Skinner by Alice Greenway.  1973 and drunken WWII vet in Maine has daughter of war buddy from the Solomon Islands campaign staying with him for the summer.

Large Print

No Man's Nightingale by Ruth Rengell.  I've read great things about Rendell's novels.

Hostage by Kay Hooper.  Gun on the cover looks like a CZ-75.  Hard to tell with the weird photoshopping.

Morning Glory by Sarah Jio.  This cover looks real familiar.

A Sensible Christmas by Sherryl Woods.  This should have been here in October.  I'm not sure Christmas novels check-out in January.

Seven Deadlies by Gigi Levange.  "A cautionary tale."  Our regular print copy has never checked out.  Dang, I thought it sounded like a neat idea with a teen girl paid to babysit irresponsible rich teens.

Death of the Black-haired Girl by Robert Stone.  I really dislike hyphenated words.  Married college professor decides to quit relationship with student.  Trouble ensues.  Our regular print copy has gone out once.


Terra Maxima: the records of humankind edited by Wolfgang Kunth.  Bog book with big pictures of big things.

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