Thursday, June 19, 2014

Seventeen with KoKo Kieran


Koko Takes a Holiday by Kieran Shea. SciFi with guns.  Former mercenary runs a island holiday resort and a former colleague sends assassins after her.  No author photo.

Red Room by Ridley Pearson.  Espionage in Constantinople, Turkey with private security guy.  Wait.  Istanbul, I meant Istanbul. Small black and white photo of author.

Lincoln Myth by Steve Berry.  Some stuff about President Lincoln, modern day Utah and some secret.  Color author photo across the whole back cover with Berry leaning on a pillar.

Written in My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon.  Part of her Outlander series in 1778 during the Revolutionary War.  Color photo on back with Gabaldon in the snow.

One and Only by Emily Giffin.  Didn't Giffin just have another book come out? Nope, last one was 2012.  Why is her name so familiar.  Oh, well.  Her author photo covers the back and I like her photographer's work.  The photo has nice color and her face is in focus but her hands and shoulders seem to be just slightly out of focus drawing your eye to her face.

The Dog Year by Ann Garvin.   Tightly wound surgeon has to go into twelve step program.  Garvin teaches at UW-Whitewater and has a black and white author photo.  But, who cares about the author photo when there is a dog nose on the cover.  Woof!

One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern.  Woman researches a list of names left behind by her dead friend.  Ahern has a fancy author photo but it's a real tiny one.

Goodnight June by Sarah Jio. Fictionalization of the writing of Goonight, Moon.

Fourth of July Creek by Smith Henderson.  Social worker in Montana helps out feral kid with crazy, survivalist dad.  Author has Henderson in a pocket T looking unhappy.

What is Visible by Kimberly Elkins.Girl in 19th Century loses four sense to Scarlet Fever and becomes famous.  Elkins has a small color photo like Ahern does.

Smoke at Dawn by Jeff Shaara.  More Civil War.  This novel has some nice, heavy paper.  Shaara lives in Gettysburg.  Brett, the Library Director for Waupun Public Library, went with his re-enactor group to Gettysburg last year.

Hot Fudge Frame-Up by Christine DeSmet.  Cozy mystery set in Door County.  We conversed with DeSmet about her teaching a writing workshop here but she was unavailable.

The Long Mars by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter.  Some sort of SciFi with Yellowstone erupting.

The Bookman's Tale by Charlie Lovett.  Boy Charlie not a girl Charlie.

Large Print

Ghost Ship by Clive Cussler.

Resistant by Michael Palmer.

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King.

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