Wednesday, July 30, 2014

NonFic: Sex, Sassoon, Bikes, Gischler Clowns


The New Naked: the ultimate sex education for grown-ups by Harry Fisch, MD with Karen Moline. No pictures.  Page 243 says, "That's way above average, especially with seven kids"

Poisonous and Psychoactive Plants by Jim Meuninck.  Page 71 says, "This is a dangerous hallucinogen abused by unaware teenagers."

Working Class Foodie Cookbook: real food, for real people, real cheap by Rebecca Lando.  Page 1 says, "One morning, I stepped out of the apartment and saw that Union Square Park had become a tent city."

 Clown Fatale by Victor Gischler.  "Its big-top chaos as four down-on-thei-luck, sexy clowns get caught up in the deadly world of organized crime!"

Healthy Cooker: second edition by Judith Finlayson.  Page 17 says, "Do not reheat food in the slow cooker."

Art and Architecture of Insects by David M. Phillips. Lots of great photos.  Page 62 says, "The sharp-pointed, pincer-like jaws of this larval neuropteran are designed to pierce the cuticle of small insects and mites and hold them firmly."

Roadside Road Bike Maintenance Manual by Guy Andrews.  Lots of color photos.  Page 52 says, "On Shimano and SRAM levers, you'll be able to see the white plastic cable-carrier."

Roadside Mountain Bike Maintenance Manual by Mike Davis and Guy Andrews.  Page 25 says, "They need to have grease on them and be evenly tightened."

Mastering Online Genealogy: 3rd edition by W. Daniel Quillen.  "Once there, go to the same hit."

Overcoming High Blood Pressure: the complete complementary health program by Dr. Sarah Brewer.  Page 72 says, "The same is true of yams."

Siegfried Sasson: soldier, poet, lover, friend: a life in one volume by Jean Moorcroft Wilson.  Page 157 says, "Just as he had been determined to win steeplechases before the War, he now wanted a medal to prove himself the equal of his contemporaries."

WIndows 8.1 Bible: the comprehensive tutorial resource by Wiley.  Page 861 says, "Homegroups are a feature introduced in Windows 7 and carried over to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 that simplify setting up a home network and sharing resrouces on the network."

The White House: its historic furnishings and first families by Betty C. Monkman.  Page 111 says, "Mary Todd Lincold selectred this "quite costly and exceedingly beautiful" rosewood table for a White House guest room in 1861."

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