Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I was gone. I have returned.


650' underground at the Strataca Salt Museum in Hutchinson, KS.

Llama at Rolling Hills Zoo in Salina, KS.

Caught that child on the left before he hid from the camera.

I let Boy #1 use the camera.

Toad on a turtle at Scout Camp outside Rice Lake, WI.

Compact Discs are the thin plastic discs used to store sound for replay using a fancy laser system

Mandatory Fun
by Weird Al Yankovic.  Polka man plays parody.

Meteorites by Echo and the Bunnymen.  Quote-worthy Ian sings songs of cultish rock.

Counterfeit Blues by Corb Lund.  Canadian sings songs of Copenhagen.

Remedy by Old Crow Medicine Show.  Modern musicians sing songs of throw back country.

Fuego by Phish.  Modern hippies play music. You'll have to find your own music clip.

Hypnotic Eye by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Audiobooks on CD

Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan.  17 hours on 14 CDs.  Loving Frank was popular.  This has a woman leaving her husband, landing in France, and meeting Robert Louis Stevenson.

HRC: state secrets and the rebirth of Hillary Clinton by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes.  16 hours on 13 CDs.  "HRC portrays a seasoned operator who negotiates political and diplomatic worlds with equal savvy."

Sons of Wichita: how the Koch brothers became America's most powerful and private dynasty by Daniel Schulman.  12.5 hours on 10 CDs.  I did not go to Wichita this year.  I did not want to spend an hour or more driving down there.  My wife and I went to Salina instead.

Thankful: Return to Sugar Creek, Book Two by Shelley Shepard Gray.  6.75 hours on 6 CDs.  Amish romance.

In the Morning I'll Be Gone by Adrian McKinty.  10 hours on 9 CDs.  1984 cop in Northern Ireland has to solve an "locked-room mystery" of a dead woman to get the dead woman's mother to tell him where a IRA bomber is hiding out.

Phantom Instinct by Meg Gardiner.  12.5 hours on 10 CDs.  A nightclub shootout ended in disastrous fire.  Two survivors are sure a surviving gunman is after the survivors.

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