Wednesday, July 23, 2014

War Conspiracy Mistakes


Supreme Justice by Max Allan Collins.  A disgraced Secret Service agent is hired by a task force investigating the murder of a Supreme Court Justice.  What seemed a botched robbery is revealed as a planned murder.

Landline by Raibow Rowell.  Marriage drama with wife time traveling.  Or something.  The fly leaf is unclear.

Large Print

Power Play by Catherine Coulter. 


Windows 8.1: tips, tricks, and shortcuts by Stuart Yarnold.  Page 157 says, "Let's say you like to dabble in stocks and shares."

Mistakes I Made At Work: 25 influential women reflect on what they got out of getting it wrong edited by Jessica Bacal.  I read the piece by Lisa Lutz.  Lutz spoke sat on a panel at Murder and Mayhem in Muskego. Lutz was entertaining, I thought she did well.  Her piece is on her panic and stress at her first big speaking engagement as an author.
Page 91 says, "It could also cover twelve months of student loan payments."

The Things They Cannot Say: stories soldiers won't tell you about what they've seen, done or failed to do in war by Kevin Sites.  Page
 200 says, "At night, believing he was in Iraq, he would sometimes roughly shake his wife and tell her it was her time for guard duty."

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