Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Large Print, 9 CDs, and Some Dude

Large Print

Support and Defend by Mark Greaney.  Some sort of thriller with Tom Clancy characters.

Cut and Thrust by Stuart Woods.  Some sort of thriller with a lawyer.

Wayfaring Stranger by James Lee Burke. Some sort of crime novel with a lawman.

Fast Track by Julie Garwood.  Some sort of family drama and romance with a woman protagonist.

9 CDs

Herbie's Game by Timothy Hallinan.  11 hours on 9CDs. Professional burglar, Junior Bender, is once again pressed into investigating another crook's problems.  I am currently listening to the first book in this series.

Some Dude

Remember Me Like This by Anthony Johnston.  You can tell this is a literary novel because the cover has blurbs from John Irving, Tom Perrotta, and Andre Dubus III.  I read an Irving book once, A Son of the Circus.  That sucker was a doorstop.  I think that might be the book where I checked out two copies by mistake.  I returned one and still had an overdue notice.  I was ticked off. "I know I returned that book!"  Nope.  I returned the one book and totally forgot I had a second book - at the bottom of a book stack - at home. 

I'm not sure what this novel is about.  How about a picture of a dog instead?

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