Thursday, September 04, 2014

Two Quebec Novels and More


The Long Way Home by Louise Penny.  Another Inspector (retired) Gamache novel.  He is retired in Three Pines, Quebec and asked to look for a missing man.  He heads up the St. Lawrence.

The River Burns by Trevor Ferguson. Ferguson wrote a great crime series under the name John Farrow but gained fame writing literary novels under his own name.  This is about the burning of a narrow covered bridge in 1984 in Quebec.

More Fiction

Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet WEvanovich.  I bought another copy.

Eyes Only by Fern Michaels.  I bet the author photo is that same one with the dogs and Michaels on a couch.  Let me check...yep, same photo and three dogs.  The dogs are all looking off to the left.  The photographer must have had an assistant distracting the mutts. The bookshelves in the background are out of focus, I can only read a few of the spines.


Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: build and master ninja weapons by John Austin.  Including Cereal Box Blowgun, Chopstick Rubber Band Gun, and Cereal Box Boomerang.

The Nazi Occult War: Hitler's compact with the forces of evil by Michael Fitzgerald.  Forces of evil?  Hitler was the force of evil.  This details a lot of the weirdness, pseudo-science, and outright baloney that was popular with the dirty, rotten, stinking, filthy, no-good nazis.

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