Monday, December 29, 2014

Music, music, music. Book, book.

Music is recorded in a studio and electronically transmitted to a factory that manufactures thin plastic discs on which the digital music is physically embedded.

Four by One Direction.  Five English guys sing songs so skirts swoon. (I admit that is some poor alliteration.)

Now That's What I Call Music 52! by [various and sundry].  Singers sing and rapper rap. I'll go home and take a nap.

The Big Revival by Kenny Chesney. Singer continues to pretend to sing country western music.


The Submission by Amy Waldman. Dang this donation is from 2011. I thought it was newer.


Fishing for Buffalo: a guide to the pursuit and cuisine of Carp, Suckers, Eelpout, Gar, and other rough fish by Rob Buffler and Tom Dickson.  Eelpout? What the heck is an eelpout?

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