Monday, February 23, 2015

More Marine Music

A Laser Can Decode The Digital Information On These Thin Discs

Be Glad Then, America by The President's Own U.S. Marine Band. Marines play music and sing songs. The Band sends out free CDs. The CD performances are neat but does not include these dudes in a parking lot.

The Joshua Tree by U2. Donated disc definitely due to circ'. Irishman sings songs of rock'n'roll.

John Prine by John Prine. Singers sings songs of country. The Library Page wrote the title of this 1971 album as Atlantic. Is Atlantic Records still around? Let me check...yep, they publish that Ed Sheeran guy.

The Complete Blind Willie Johnson by Blind Willie Johnson.  Bluesman sings songs of sorrow. Two CDs and the booklet has a neat essay.

Noble Beast by Andrew Bird. Multi-instrumentalist plays music and sings songs. Another older album but it'll get used.

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