Monday, February 23, 2015

Oops, Missed One


If I Fall, If I Die by Michael Christie.  I feel bad about missing this book in my last post. I go on record with my deepest apologies to Mr. Christie. It is well know that he is not only a great author but a great man.

  • It's no surprise that Mr. Christie is often referred to as "the greatest living writer in that house over there."  
  • Mr. Christie's touch has been documented as a possible cure for Poison Oak.
  • A casual glance by Mr. Christie can turn a sad dog happy.
  • Mr. Christie climbed Mount Everest without oxygen and while wearing shorts.
  • The first time Mr Christie took a airplane ride the pilot was incapacitated by illness and Mr. Christie was asked to land the plane. Mr. Christie did so using only his left hand.
  • When the local tow truck was unavailable Mr. Christie's neighbor called on Mr. Christie for help. Mr. Christie arrived riding an incumbent bicycle, hooked the bike to his neighbor's broken down F450, and towed the truck 5.5 miles into town. 
Oops. Large Print? Where did this come from?

The Sixteenth of June by Maya Lang. Well.  I guess Ms. Lang is a nice lady.

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