Friday, May 08, 2015

Local Color

Local Color

Farmer's Market
Commons Park - across the street from the library - hosted the first Farmer's Market of the year on Wednesday. I took some photos with my fancy computer box telephone.

Dunedin, you might have candied popcorn down there.  Kettle corn is popcorn with a sugar coating. There was a guy - he was absent Wed. - who brings a trailer with a large copper cooking kettle and he'll mix in the sugar as the popcorn popped up.

There are always several cheese vendors.

Puzzle Table
Staff put this table in our magazine room and I declare that it was a good idea.

Donation check
Lake Mills Market sponsors a "Round Up" program every other month. The Round-Up allows customers to round their final bill up to the next dollar and that amount of change goes to a local organization. The Round Up earned $4,504.01 for the library's Summer Reading Program.

The lighting in this kinda makes it look like I and Mitch, store owner to the far right, are photoshopped in.

Little Free Library
Someone on north Main Street put up a Little Free Library. I guess this one is not an official Little Free Library since it is not on the organization's map. But, that map is missing at least one other one that was installed a couple years ago.

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