Thursday, October 15, 2015

The One Where I Purchase A Bunch Of TV Shows


The Red Road: complete first season starring [actors].  Modern day trouble between a town's Anglos and the mountain's Native American tribe.

Full House: season 5 starring [I don't care]. Man, I really dislike this show, but someone told me this is still popular. So I bought a couple seasons. I'll buy more seasons later.

Full House: season 8 starring [I still don't care].

The Big Bang Theory: complete eight season starring [other people]. I've watch some of one episode.

Modern Family: complete sixth season starring That Guy From Married With Children. Comedy.

Empire: season one starring [more people]. I have wanted to watch this show and never did.

The Jinx: the life and deaths of Robert Durst starring [a killer]. Super wealthy man gets away with murder.

The Flash: complete first season starring [Mr. Speedy].

Top of the Lake starring [Kiwis]. Pregnant woman goes missing in a lake on the South Island and woman detective looks for her. Jane Campion did this production. Hey, Dunedin, is this any good?

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