Monday, October 12, 2015

Witch Cat Bible


97 Ways to Make A Cat Like You by Carol Kaufman. Good luck. Suggestion #32: flush the toilet in front of your pet.

The Witch of Lime Street: seance, seduction, and Houdini in the spirit world by David Jaher. Psychic Medium in 1924 tries to convince five judges and runs afoul of trick-master Houdini. Jaher has a tiny black-and-white photo. He needs one of those big back cover photos like Fern Michaels posing with her dogs.

The Make-Ahead Cookbook by Lydia Kessler.  Page 153 says, "And if you have high blood pressure, try substituting tarragon for salt!"

The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth.  Let's check the index ... Nothing for Wisconsin or Tyranena. It does have a listing for New Glarus and Lakefront. There is a ton of neat stuff in here with food pairings, history of brewing styles, glass types, etc.

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