Monday, December 14, 2015

Fine Reduction for Children This January

Fine Reduction

Starting January 2 is a month long chance for children to reduce their fines by reading inside the library. Reading is vital to childhood development and we don't want our customers blocked from the library or afraid of their fines.

Children's books accrue over due fines at $0.05 a day. Reading time will be worth $0.25 for each 15 minute block of time. You have to read in the library. Library Director provided glaring is optional.

 We do need a slogan and encourage suggestions. Current slogan suggestions include:

New Year - New Slate
Read Aloud Read Away
Fines Shmines
Library Director Read-A-Long
Speed Your Read and Stop the Bleed

Hey, That Book Won't Read Itself!
Don't You Want to Grow Big and Strong Like Your Father?
Yes, Comic Books Count But I, Personally, Think Archie is Lame
I Agree, Bill Crider Novels Are Always A Good Choice, But You're Seven Years Old, How About Magic Tree House Instead?

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