Friday, July 29, 2016

More Fiction Part 1 of 2


Outfoxed by David Rosenfelt. Lawyer who spends as much time as possible with dogs has to help a client accused of murder. Rosenfelt lives in "Maine with twenty-five Golden Retrievers" and his wife. C'mon, man. That's crazy cat lady territory.

Murder on the Quai by Cara Black. I've intended to read of Black's books but have not done so.  This is Black's sixteenth novel which means I am a bit behind.  Plot: Parisian med student gets involved in her PI father's hunt for Nazi gold. Author bio says Black lives in San Francisco. Author photo says Black enjoys espresso in teeny-tiny cups.

White Bone by Ridley Pearson.  Guy hurries to Africa to find his ex-partner who was investigating missing AIDS aid money. Pearson lives in St. Louis and Hailey, ID. St. Louis? Do you think he attends the Noir at the Bar readings? There is one this Saturday.

Foreign Agent by Brad Thor. Cover image says "manly Shoot-em-up Terrorist Thriller". Dust jacket says, "CIA... SEAL... Russian Caucasus...  operative... kill as many Americans as it takes... clandestine... ambushed... informant... rogue player... deadlier... terror... White House..." Hey, Brad Thor has a full page author photo on the back cover. I don't think that's a sude jacket, but it's difficult to tell from the lighting.

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. Journalist voyages on an exclusive and expensive cruise ship. Journalist is sure a woman was thrown overboard but no one is missing.  Ware's author photo is black and white and it must have been cold out because she is wearing a long coat. Ware graduated from Manchester University. But not the one in Indiana. I'm pretty sure I looked up the UK one within the past year or two and I cannot recall why. Maybe I saw a job advert for the place and was daydreaming about living there.

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