Thursday, April 18, 2019

Paperbacks and Max Allan Collins


Fire Season by Stephen Blackmoore. Modern day fantasy novel with "necromancers". What the heck is a necromancer? Is that a fancy word for magician? You want to know a fancy phrase for "internet snark"? "Lake Mills Library Director".

The Mister by E.L James. Best seller of erotic novels writes another novel. Let's find an excerpt... "She nods once, her eyes tightly closed. 'For sex.' Her words are barely audible, but in them I hear her shame and her horror."

Old Baggage by Lissa Evans. Judging by the cover this is something about the campaign for women's suffrage. Let's check... Sorta. Former suffragette no longer has the excitement of the campaign until she finds out about fighting fascism.

American Princess by Stephanie Marie Thornton. [Insert your own political jokes.]


Bad With Money: the imperfect art of getting your financial sh*t together by Gaby Dunn. Page 103 says, "thinking... procured... his girlfriend... a massive hangover."

Audiobooks on CD

Girl Most Likely by Max Allan Collins. 6 CDs at 7.5 hours. The great Max Allan Collins puts out a stand alone mystery novel. The phrase "small Midwestern town" in the novel's summary presumably means Iowa.

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