Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great News! Another Gun Book!

Gun Book

Standard Catalog of Civil War Firearms by John F. Graf. Carbines, muskets, pistols, and all the different variations and contracts and runs purchased or used throughout the war. Many, many color photographs. The librarian up at Waupun, Bret, would like this. I'll send him an email.

We have another Patrick Sweeney book in the processing pile. The Sweeney book is on the AK.


101 Ways You Can Help: how to offer comfort and support to those who are grieving by Liz Aleshire.

Teen Stages: the breakthrough year-by-year approach to understanding your ever-changing teen by PeopleWithTheirNamesCoveredByTheBarcode.

Crochet: the complete guide by Jane Davis. The complete guide. I doubt that.

China by Robert Andfe LaFleur. Part of the Asia in Focus series. We do not hav emuch on modern China or Chinese history so I bought this.

Warman's Coins and Paper Money, 4th Edition. Allen G. Berman. Price guide to old stuff.

HTML, XHTML and CSS Quicksteps by Guy Hart-Davis. Stephanie, who works here (see video), was saying how great she is at web design now. I'm going to go through this and give her a pop quiz.

Digital Photography Q&A: great tips and hints from a top pro by Paul Harcourt Davies. Does this teach me how to use a camera that was dropped on concrete and produces photos that are uniformly black?

I'm Pregnant: a week-by-week guide to conception to birth by Lesely Regan, MD. I'm not. This is a Dorling-Kindersley book so there are lots of photos and illustrations of infants and pregnant women, and nude pregnant women.

Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott.

Essential Color Guide to Knitting Techniques by Margaret Radcliffe. Thank goodness because I have some some really ugly knitted clothes.

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