Friday, July 27, 2012

Wood Pulp Pressed Very Thin and Inked


Friends Forever by Danielle Steel.  Cover has five young kids kids throwing rocks into a lake.  Author photo is huge.  Credits on the flyleaf say the cover photo is a stock image from Iofoto/Shutterstock.

Broken Harbor by Tana French.  You read her other novels, now read this one.  French's author photo has her with short,  red hair, wearing a shawl/scarf and posing outside.

Celtic Conspiracy by Thore D. Hansen.  A customer asked about this.  I found it on Amazon and it had a couple decent reviews so I ordered it.  Finding a MARC record and getting this on the shelf was a chore.

Non Fiction

Guilty by Popular Demand: a true story of small town injustice by Bill Osinski.  I do not remember how I heard about this or why I ordered it.  True crime books circ' fairly well here.  This is about a double murder in Ohio in 1982 Ohio and a man wrongly convicted for the crimes.  The real killers were found in 2008.

CDL: commercial driver's license exam by Matt Mosher.  Author has "450,000 safe-driving miles behind him."  Zoinks.  That is a lot of driving.  I'm surprised this does not come with prep exams on CD-ROM.

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