Thursday, August 02, 2012

Politics, Divorce, PTSD, Sean Doolittle


Lake Country by Sean Doolittle.  I like the cover.  Guy kidnaps daughter of man who fell sleep while driving and killed Guy's friend.  Kidnapper takes daughter into Minnesota lake country and the kidnapper's buddy goes after him to stop things from getting worse.  I read Doolittle's Safer and liked it.  Barbara Fister really liked this book.


Nolo's Essential Guide to Divorce: 4th edition by Emily Doskow. Someone had a divorce related reference question recently.  I checked our resources and noticed we needed to update a few titles.

Cowards: what politicians, radicals, and the media refuse to say by Glenn Beck.  Political commentary. Some people hate him.  Some people love him.  Some people drink coffee and watch Sponge Bob.

Hotels, Hospitals and Jails by Anthony Swofford.  Swofford hit it big with Jarhead, let his life go off the rails, tried to rebuild his relationship with his father.  He did a video promo.


Oh, hey, I just ran across this as well which is Swofford reading an excerpt from a visit to Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Audio Books on CD

Heartbroken by Lisa Unger.  11 CDs at 13.38 hours.  "Tense, mesmerizing novel about the limits of dysfunctional families, of an island haunted by dark memories and restless ghosts, and of the all-too-real demons we must battle."

Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  12 CDs at 14 hours.  Some gal flees her wedding with a rude guy.

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