Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Erotic Eric's End


At World's End starring [Limeys]. Guys go on pub crawl.  Meet aliens.

Hangover, Part III starring [same people as last time].  Man, I never thought the first one was all that great.  Except for Heather Graham.

Dead in Tombstone starring Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall, Mickey Rourke.  B-movie schlock that people like Bill Crider and Joe Bob Briggs live for.

We're the Millers starring [famous gal from Friends].  Guy has smuggle drugs in from Mexico.  Guy hires people to be his fake family.


Behind the Plaid: an erotic novel by Eliza Knight.  I scanned through for the good parts but did not find them.

Eric of Aztalan by Ralph Milne Farley.  Five facsimile reprints from pulp magazines of the '30s. The Milney pen-name was by Roger Sherman Hoar.  The title story is from the January, 1939 issue of Golden Fleece.  Someone in town saw this, bought it, and gave it to the library.

Audiobooks on CD

A Mist of Prophecies by Steven Saylor.  9.5 hours on 8 CDs.  Saylor (no relation) continues his series about ancient Rome.

Murder as a Second Marriage by Joan Hess. 10 hours on 8 CDs.  Woman is asked by her husband to help in murder investigation.

Double Image by David Morrell.  15.75 hours on 13 CDs.  Photographer...memories... mystery... starlet... collide... eerily... life... killer..hell...identities...revenge...courage...gun.

Audiobooks on CD with Made-up Plots

Castles by Julie Garwood.  12.33 hours on 11 CDs.  Alesandra knew that...hasty marriage...could protect her from...a wildfire.

Nightmare Range by Martin Limon.  13 hours on 11 CDs. Young...detective...assigned behavior...crime.

Twilight Zone: radio dramas: volume 16 by [various].  4 hours on 3 CDs.  Experience... dramatized...celebrities.

Tenth Witness by Leonard Rosen.  9 hours on 8 CDs. a ship...developed by...Interpol.

Thorne by Lisa Jackson.  6.1666 hours on 5 CDs.  Family ending?

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