Thursday, December 19, 2013

Horror and Religion


Now You See Me starring [big names].  Magicians steal stuff and give it away.

The Family starring [more big names].  Mafia family moves to France and causes trouble.

Nothing Left to Fear starring Anne Heche and Clancy Brown.Family moves to small town Stull, Kansas and horror happens.  Did they really film this in Kansas?  I doubt it, let me check.  Nope, according to credits on IMDB they filmed in Louisiana.

Doctor Who, Series seven: Part Two starring [English].  Part One must be around here somewhere.

Fast and Furious 6 starring [same guys as before].  I watched the one set in Brazil and it was fun driving and smashing and crashing and tough-guy-talk.

One Direction This is Us starring [English kids].  Boy group gets filmed doing boy group things.

Our Town starring Paul Newman. others.  Stage production of the play.

Persuasion starring [English].  1995 BBC Films dramatization of the Jane Austin novel.  I never read the book.  I've never seen any of the movies.  I do like the Tim Finn song with the same title.  Good luck finding a YouTube clip with good audio.


Marijuana Legalization: what everyone needs to know by Jonathan P. Caulkins, et al.  "Provides readers with a non-partisan primer covering everything from the risks and benefits of using marijuana to the current laws, to the open scientific questions."

Understanding the Book of Mormon: a reader's guide by Grant Hardy.  Page 324 says, " Let me try to clarify what I am claiming here and elsewhere in the chapter."

What everyone needs to know about Islam: answers to frequently asked questions, from one of America's leading experts by John L. Esposito.  Page 36 says, "Muslims celebrate two great Islamic holidays."

Audiobook on CD

Cross my Heart by James Patterson.  9.5 hours on 8 CDs.  Something about a policeman and murderers.  This says Patterson lives in Florida. 

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