Monday, May 12, 2014

Beer, Rifles, Ireland, Guitars


The FN Fal Battle Rifle by Bob Cashner.  A history of the once ubiquitous rifle.  New ones are expensive.

Somme 1916: British infantryman versus German infantryman by Stephen Bull.  Versus?  The Somme was a blood bath.  The title should read British Infantryman Walking in the Open Versus Well Protected Machine Guns.  One out of six Limeys were killed on the first day.

US Flamethrower Tanks of World War II by Steven J. Zaloga.  Mostly in the Pacific campaign.  Details on designs and improvements.

Keeping Chickens: getting the best from your chickens by Jeremy Hobson.

Acoustic Guitar Course Book: expanded edition by John McCarthy.  Text.  Pictures.  DVD.

The American Mandolin Method by Brian Wicklund and Ben Winship.  Cover photo has two guys sitting a tin roof.  I presume that means they are "authentic".

Crocheted Baby Gifts by Amy Palmer.  Because babies appreciate all that hard work as they drool on the garment and then drop it out of the stroller.

Simple and Easy Recipes for the Slow Cooker by Catherine Atkinson.  I resent that.  What do you mean by calling a cook "slow'?  Oh, never mind.  I get it.

The Pocket Beer Guide: the essential handbook to the very best beers in the world by Stephen Beaumont and Jim Webb.  My wife always gets the variety beer cases Costco sells.  Those cases usually have four varieties.  No matter the brewery one of those beer varieties are awful.
Hey, Dunedin!  Emerson's Brewing in Dunedin is in here for their Pilsener, Bookbinder and London Porter.

Richard Emerson - Holy Ale from Tim Pierce - Director / DOP on Vimeo.

Great Britain and Ireland: the Michelin Guide, 2014 by The Michelin Man.  The Ardanaiseig costs £50 a night.

London's Serets: pubs and bars by Graeme Chesters.  Well, they're not a secret anymore.  "Gee, thanks so much Graeme," the locals sarcastically said.

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dunedin said...

Emerson's make good beer and he is a good bloke. Some good Dunedin scenes in the film.