Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Close Encounter Trench Warfare for Common Core Standards


Common Core Standards for Parents for Dummies by Jared Myracle, Ed.D. Read the book and fuel your arguments for the latest political issue.

Stitch, Craft and Create Quick Knits by [no author]. Read the book and find a Pretty Peg Bag (page 36) to argue about.

Damron Men's Travel Guide: 50th edition. 2014-15 gay men's travel guide [no author]. Read the book and argue over the ratings.

Damron Women's Travel Guide: 25th edition. 2014-15 gay women's travel guide [no author]. Read the book and argue over the exclusion of places you already visited.

Small Business Marketing in a Week by John Sealey. Read the book and sell more stuff.

Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind: suspicious deaths, mysterious murders, and bizarre disappearances in UFO history by Nick Redfern. Read the book and get paranoid.

Ultimate Beading Bible: a complete reference with step-by-step techniques edited by Marie Clayton. Read the book, make a three-strand braid with center beads (page 195) and wonder if that is the same Marie who attended your high school.

Gluten-Free Made Easy by Christi Silbaugh and Michele Vilseck. Read the book and join the latest food fad.

Help You Kids With Computer Coding: a unique step-by-step guide, from binary code to building games edited by Sam Priddy. Read the book and argue with yourself over kid screen time.

Trench: a history of trench warfare on the Western Front by Stephen Bull. Read the book, see the pictures, be glad you were not there, argue over inane topics like tunic markings.

Roll Out the Barrels by Gary J. Hess. Read the book and learn about coopering in Wisconsin.

The Mafia Files: case studies of the world's most evil mobsters by Al Cimino. Read the book and wonder what Michael Cimino is up to these days.

Google Nexus Tablet For Seniors by Studio Visual Steps. Read the book and wonder if that small Polaroid tablet on sale at ShopKo is worth buying at $100.

GunDigest 2015, 69th Edition edited by Jerry Lee. Read the book and play "Which one would I take? where you turn to a page and pick a gun you could have for free. Make it fun and add qualifiers like 500 rounds come with the gun, or Not allowed to sell it and get something else.

The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2015 by Gen and Kelly Tanabe. Read the book and wonder how much debt you'll own when you graduate.

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