Tuesday, September 06, 2016

A Bunch of Fiction With Kayaks


Always A Cowboy by Linda Lael Miller. The cover on this paperback romance cover does not have a shirtless cowboy. It does have a "cowboy" wearing a hat and long sleeved t-shirt.

Crash and Burn by Fern Michaels. Another Fern Michaels cover with lots of flowers.

The Road We Traveled by Jane Kirkpatrick. The cover says women in the wilderness make friends. The back cover says a mother follows her son along the Oregon trail and brings her daughter and granddaughter along.

Leave Me by Gayle Forman. The title reminds me of a king telling a servant to split. The dustcover blurb says harried mother has heart attack, splits town, and deals with her own secrets.

The Shattered Tree by Charles Todd. The cover says "A Bess Crawford Mystery". The Library Director says, "Is this one of those World War One novels, or a different series?"


Canoeing and Kayaking South Central Wisconsin by Timothy Bauer. We had some old kayaking guides I removed from the collection. One of those guides may have been twenty years old. Rock Lake is not listed. The Crawfish and Rock rivers are mentioned.

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