Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fiction? No. Non.


The Encyclopedia of Deer by Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III. Lots of pretty color photos. All deer species including whitetail, mule, caribou, elk, moose. The plural of moose should be "meese".

Manga Art: inspiration and techniques from an expert illustrator by Mark Crilley. I met Crilley in Arizona when he did a bunch of library visits. He's a good dude. He also does instructional videos on YouTube. He does longer instructional videos and these time lapse ones.

Passchendaele: the lost victory of World War I by Nick Lloyd.  "The ultimate expression of meaningless, industrialized slaughter." A fight to the death in a vast mud pit that caused 500,000 dead and wounded. Yet, a continued fight by the British might, might, have crushed the Germans.

Songs of the Baka and other discoveries: travels after sixty-five by Dennis James. Retired couple travel to remote international destinations.

Special Forces Berlin: clandestine Cold War operations of the US Army's elite, 1956-1990 by James Stejskal. I thought this would be interesting. Spy guys and soldiers must have been involved in all sorts of secret shenanigans in Germany.

Trespasser by Justin M. Ryan, et al. Comic book novel dad and daughter in remote home have a "strange visitor" crash land nearby.

Bad Guys, Bullets, and Boat Chases: true stories of Florida Game Wardens by Bob H. Lee. I read a description in a publisher catalog and it sounded interesting enough to try out.

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