Monday, June 19, 2017

I hurt my right shoulder

I am typing left handed and will not worry about spelling.


John Wick 2 -actor shoots things.

Banshee: the final season. I enjoyed the first two seasons of this show about an ex-con masquerading as a Sheriff.

Arrow : the complete fourth season. Super hero acts super.

Rogue One. There is a war in the stars. It is a star war.

Logan. Old superhero does action drama.

A Bone to Pick. Some mystery movie.

I Am Using Both Hands Now

Get Out. Hugely popular horror movie.

Holiday Inn. Bing Crosby sings White Christmas.

Mobsters. 1991 film starring popular young actors of the time. They shoot at each other.

Sabrina. Meh, I've never seen it.

Lord of War. Arms dealer makes money selling guns and ammo.

I hurt my shoulder on vacation.

We went to South Dakota. My son and I rented mountain bikes and I wiped out and landed on my shoulder.

Badlands National Park.
Everything in South Dakota has a casino attached. Even gas stations.
Custer State Park
Custer State Park
How I felt after getting back from my bicycle accident.
We walked around Devil's Tower.
Panoramic view from the trail around Devil's Tower.
I halfway tore off my back pocket when sliding down a railing at Mt. Rushmore.

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