Monday, February 25, 2013

Be Saddened, Cheer Up, Go For A Walk

Be Saddened

Kill Anything That Moves: the real American war in Vietnam by Nick Turse.  Policies set at the top of the chain of command resulted in widespread killings and murders of noncombatants on the ground.  Including children.

Cheer Up

Monty Python's Flying Circus: all the bits: complete and annotated annotations by Luke Dempsey.  Script of each television episode with annotations and screenshots.  880 pages of very heavy paper meaning this book will start to fall apart after 2-3 checkouts.

  • "Accident Black Spot" is a regular sign on British roads.
  • Richie Benaud, former Australian cricketer, was a longstanding Australian cricket commentator in the U.K. and around the cricketing world.
  • The lawn mowers are both called "Betta-Cutta."
  • Tooting is about 12 miles east of Hounslow.
  • "My brain hurts" is a phrase still heard regularly in the U.K., and all because of this sketch.
  • British people enjoy criticizing the French whenever possible, and one of the chief knocks is to question their personal hygiene.
  • Yes. Yes. Yes. (a maniacal look in his eyes) Yes, yes Mr Phipps. I love seeing the customers when they come in to complain about some book being damaged, and ask to see the chief librarian and should see their faces when the proud beast leaps from his tiny office, snatches the book from their hands and sinks his fangs into their soft er...(collects himself) Mr Phipps...Kong! You can be our next librarian - you're proud majestic and fierce enough...will you do it?
Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack: volume 16 by Jim Davis.  Elementary school kids love these Garfield volumes.  I know two kids who quote these comics.  I know two kids where one pretends to be Garfield and the other pretends to be Odie and the 'Garfield" yells at the 'Odie'.  I know two kids who pretend to be cats and try to purr.  I know two kids who get yelled at to "stop that and get out of here!"

Go For A Walk

Ice Age Trail Atlas by the Ice Age Trail Alliance.  "105 detailed color hiking maps".  This is a reference copy.  Do Not Steal The Maps!  We have a photocopy machine you jackape.

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