Friday, March 01, 2013

Milwaukee Music, Swedish Serbs, South Dakota Sniper

Milwaukee Music 

Power Ballads by Will Boast.  I read this book and enjoyed it.  Only one or two stories are actually set in Milwaukee.  Short stories that revolve around a professional drummer in Chicago.  The drummer loves jazz music but makes money by playing in various bands and playing on a big name tour.  A neat look at working musicians.

Swedish Serbs

Easy Money by Jens Lapidus.  One of the few members of the Nordic crime wave I have read.  Well, listened to.  I heard the audio version of this Stockholm crime drama and enjoyed it.  A business student rises in the drug trade while ostensibly searching for his missing sister.  A native Serbian is stuck in middle management of a Stockholm crime ring and does not mind the brutality.  An Argentinian convicted for drug trafficking escapes prison with an eye for revenge. 

South Dakota Sniper

Merciless by Lori Armstrong.  Former Army sniper Mercy Gunderson is a newly hired FBI Special Agent assigned to Rapid City.  Her job is boring and disappointing.  I have not read this book but did enjoy talking with Lori Armstrong at Bouchercon in St. Louis.


Burn Palace by Stephen Dobyns.  Small town Rhode Island is newly haunted by supernatural or mysterious events.  I read a good review.  I think.

Shadow and the Crown by Patricia Bracewell.  The cover image says Female protagonist in swords and knights romance.  The flyleaf says Yeah, that guess is about right.

Robert's Rules of Order: newly revised: 11th edition by Henry M. Robert III.  We needed a new one. 

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