Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Godzilla Hotels Companion by Duane Swierczynski


Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia by Vin . T Sparano.  I ran across some photos of the park system in the Province of Quebec.  This is more hunting and fishing than camping.  Page 137 says, "Verify that the correct powder bushing and shot bar are installed in the press."

Weeknight Fresh and Fast: simple, healthy meals for every night of the week by Kristine Kidd.  People like cookbooks.  Page 173 says, "being organized does not mean being rigid."

Godzilla: history's greatest monster by Duane Swierczynski.  Godzilla breathes fire and steps on things. Comic book novel.  Swierczynski has written some good novels.

Unusual Hotels of the World by Steve Dobson.  Page 183 says, "All the lakeside apartments are staggered so that they have an unobstructed view of the lake - from just about everywhere in the room - even the bath!"

The Western Front Companion: the complete guide to how armies fought for four devastating years, 1914-1918 by Mark Adkin.  This is very cool.

Big Book of Vegetarian Recipes by Rachel Rappaport.  Page 495 says, "For an Italian variation, add basil and Italian parsley."

Warman's Depression Glass, 6th Edition by Ellen T. Schroy.  I'm going to put this in the regular stacks.  I think it will be looked for there.

1914: voices from the battlefields by Matthew Richardson.  Content from letters, diaries, and memoirs.  Page 209 says, "6.20am precisely began the firing of our artillery."

Nixon Tapes edited and annotated by Douglas Brinkley and Luke A. Nichter.  Of the 3,700 hours of tapes only a smattering were unheard.  Many our newly transcribed for this book.  I heard one of these guys on either C-SPAN or a radio show and this sounds very interesting.

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