Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Here are a bunch of DVDs


A Young Doctor's Notebook starring Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe.  "Insanely dark, and brilliantly hilarious four-part comedy noir."  Clip will not embed.

Grand Budapest Hotel starring [bunch of famous people].  Max Allan Collins liked this one, in April he wrote, "the best movie I've seen this year."  But, this is August so maybe he has a new favorite.

Joe starring Nicolas Cage and Tye Sheridan.  Kid ends up staying with an ex-con played by Cage.  A Cage movie without Crazy Cage-ness.

Bad Words starring Jason Bateman.  40-year-old finds loophole to enter spelling contest.  The guy is a jerk.

Cook's Country, Season Six.  People cook food.

Poisoner's Handbook: killer chemistry produced by American Experience. Based off the book by a WI author.

Heaven is For Real starring Greg Kinnear.  Also based off a book but the author is not from WI.

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