Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monday is Media Day (Plus Two)

Compact Discs Are Primarily Used As A Delivery Method of Sound Recordings

The Voyager by Jenny Lewis.  Californian sings songs about colorful clothes.


Divergent starring [teenagers and adults pretending to be teenagers].  Something about aliens.  Vampires?  Post apocalyptic sceanrios?  I don't know.  Watch the trailer.

Israel: royal tour with Benjamin Netanyahu and Peter Greenberg.  Travel tour.

Super Skyscrapers by Frontline. The design and construction of four different buildings.

Audiobooks on CD

Torn Away by Jennifer Brown.  7 hours on 6 CDs.  Woman survives tornado and lives with relatives she barely knows.

The Collector by Jeffery Deaver.  13 hours on 12 CDs.  Murder.

The Fever by Megan Abbott.  9.5 hours on 8 CDs.  More greatness from Abbott.  I need to check and see if the book is here... Nope, it is out.

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