Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Never Ending Trail of NonFic


Chowderland: hearty soups and Stews with sides and salads to match by Brooke Dojny. Dojny lives in Maine. That makes sense if you're writing a book about chowder.  Page 75 says, "Bottled clam juice is usually shelved with the canned fish in the supermarket."

Natural Remedies for Kids by Kate Tietje and Bob Zajac, MD.  I weeded some old alternative health guides and chanced on this title when a book salesman visited.

Totally Awesome Paracord Crafts by Katie Weeber with Colleen Dorsey.  Lots of bracelets.  Page 25 says, "Then tie the knot as usual."

Ultimate Star Wars written by Patricia Barr, et al.  Characters. Locations, Technology. Vehicles. Norwegians on Hoth.  A Gaderffii (Gaffi) Stick is the club used by the Sand People. I listened to Kenobi by John Jackson Miller.   Kenobi has Obi-Wan secretly arriving on Tatooine to look after Luke Skywalker. That was a fun book. The Star Wars audiobooks are always well produced with additional music and sound effects to go with the narration.

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