Monday, September 28, 2015

Smaller NonFiction


Training Your Puppy: the essential guide by Fiona Baird. The cover has a picture of a puppy. That makes sense. You wouldn't want a Hippogriff.

A Backpacker's Guide to Making Every Ounce Count by Steven Lowe.  I'll take this one home for the 12-year-old. You know, I've been telling my kids how Harry Potter is actually a fraud.

Reverse Wine Snob: how to buy and drink great wine without breaking the bank by Jon Thorsen. My story is that J.K. Rowling wrote a self-serving story of Harry "Mr. Hotshot" Potter that has been taken as an accurate history.

Common Sense Parenting, 2nd Edtion by Bridget A. Barnes MS and Steven M. York, MHD. You see, the true heroes of the wizarding world are the Malfoys.

Climbing: Protection by Nate Finch. Safety guide to rock climbing. Harry Potter was an arrogant jerk just like his father.

Improvise: scene from the inside out, 2nd edition by Mick Napier. We should be living under the grace and power of the Dark Lord, but that sneaky Potter somehow succeeded.

250 Amazing Fishing Tips by Lamar Underwood. At least we still have the great and esteemed Malfow family to guide us through these un-dark days of Potter-mania. My children are not falling for it.

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