Monday, September 28, 2015

Large NonFiction


Parents Ask, Experts Answer: nurturing happy, healthy children by Tina Nocera.  Nocera lives in New Jersey and has a very tiny author photo on the back cover. That is not fair, give the woman a larger shot, she wrote a book.

Craft Camp: over 40 fun projects for kids by Sterling Publishing Co. This large paperback has a new vinyl cover so it smells like plastic. I also had my head on it.

Science of Swimming Faster edited by Scott Riewald, PhD and Scott Rodeo, MD. 548 pages of text and 28 pages of references. Wow. This is more textbook than casual read. I need to get out of this house this winter and go swimming.

Women's Guide to Triathlon edited by Tara S. Comer. Cover photo has a couple competitors on bike and wearing their swimsuits. Do women usually run in the swimsuits, or do they do a quick change into running shorts after the bike race?

Stunning Braids: gorgeous hairstyles for any occasion from work to weddings by Monae Everett. Page 110 says, "Create a deep side part on one side of the head."

Mug Meals: delicious microwave recipes by Dina Cheney. Page 90 says," Using half red and half quinoa makes for a prettier salad."

Parent's Guide to Talking About Sex by Janet Rosenzweig, BS, MS, PhD, MPA. Page 169 says, "Both children in this scenario are learning the wrong lesson when a child continues to ask that a behavior stop and no one gives her support by disciplining the aggressive child."

Waste Not, Want Not Cook Book by Cinda Chavich. Is Chavich a Spanish name? Maybe a Czech name? Could be more Easter European, I suppose.  Maybe I should take some linguistic classes. Her Introduction says, "Imagine... rapidly escalating... people... being felt... for purely economic reasons... and... find new ways... to... support... Metro Vancouver."

1,001 Delicious Recipes for People With Diabetes, 3rd Edition edited by Sue Spitler, et al. Page 690 says, "Chick Peas, 524."

Engineers: from the great pyramids to the pioneers of space travel edited by Adam Hart-Davis.  Page 245 says, "Within only a few years of Monier's first concrete bridge of 1875, bridges constructed with his reinforcing technique had proliferated across Europe."

Healthy Family Slow Cooker Cookbook by Christina Dymock. About the Author says Dymock writes romances as well.Page 55 says, "Pork chops are often sold in different thicknesses."

Roger Dahl's Comic Japan: best of Zero Gravity cartoons from the Japan Times by Roger Dahl. Page 73 says, "The only thing worse than neighbors who quarrel... neighbors who quarrel in a language you're not fluent in."

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