Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beast Witness Unsure Under Reptile Riding Mistress


Moffie by Andre Carl van Der Merwe.  Fictionalized memoir of a gay South African drafted into the army during the bush wars in the 1980s.  He does not have a good time.  I think I ran across this book when reading about South African author Roger Smith.  This is supposed to be very well done.

Under a Texas Sky by Dorothy Garlock.  Romance with young actress trying find out cause of trouble that is effecting her movie shoot.

Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls by Anton Disclafani.  Book about a teen girl in a 1930 summer camp.  Book has had lots of press attention.

Undead and Unsure by Mary Janice Davidson.  Latest in the series about some zombie woman, or something.

The Beast by Faye Kellerman.  Latest in the series about my dead dog.  Oh, wait.  This is actually the latest in the Decker/Lazarus cop series.

Mistress by James Patterson and David Ellis.  You know Patterson is a big deal when is photo is on the front of the cover.  Sexual intrigue and murder in Washington, D.C.

The Last Witness by W.E.B.Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV.  The last witness?  No more forever?

Non Fiction

What Reptile? a buyer's guide for reptiles and amphibians by Chris Mattison.  Another opportunity to mention my vacation.  Tanganyika Wildlife Park, a staff member was strolling with a bearded dragon (page 108 in the book).

Lemurs are Not Lizards

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