Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Large Print Snitch Breakers

Large Print

Light of the World by James Lee Burke.

Hotshot by Julie Burke.

Hunting Eve by Iris Johansen.


Snitch starring Dwayne Johnson, Dwayne Johnson's Muscles, Barry Pepper, Barry Pepper's Scowl.  Father's son is facing long jail term for drug offense.  Father proposes to inform on Mexican drug cartel.  Car chases and shootouts ensue.

Spring Breakers starring James Franco, One Ugly Shirt, and Bikinis on Starlets.  Four young women rob a restaurant for vacation money.  Four young women are bailed out by sleazy criminal.

Dukes of Hazard: sixth season starring Catherine Bach and Catherine Bach's Skimpy Costumes.  Catherine Bach continues to suffer tight outfits and stupid plots.

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